Tips from a Pro: Snow Removal Alternatives by Adam Erdely

While any homeowner might briefly appreciate the splendor of new-fallen snow, the next thought tends to be when and how to best remove it from walkways and driveways. Depending on variables including where you live, the type and depth of snow, whether or not it is snow over ice, and whether there is drifting may all influence the best choice.

We all know that a shovel is an option, but not all shovels are created equal. In general, the ideal shovel is lightweight and well balanced, with a handle long enough that it doesn’t require excessive bending and a blade wide enough to minimize shovelfuls.

For those with more snow or larger areas to contend with, snow blowers become the tool of choice. Single-stage blowers suit the needs of most residential users, but dual-stage blowers with a rotating auger and upper blower are more appropriate to larger, deeper tasks. Ice under snow or lighter snowfalls can be effectively treated with low-to-moderate-cost chemicals and salts, but advanced, albeit more costly, high-tech underground solutions are available when the budget allows.

Of course, a frequently satisfactory and efficient solution may be to contact your local snow removal professional, in which case the snow becomes a visual splendor once again.

Author Adam Erdely's photograph.About the author: Providing residential services to the residents of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Adam Erdely is the proprietor of SGS Maintenance in Strongsville. Snow removal is among the firm’s extensive service offerings.

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