Adam Erdely: Deicing with Salt Prevents Accidents in Freezing Weather

The owner of SGS Maintenance in Strongville, Ohio, Adam Erdely provides expert repair and maintenance services to homeowners and businesses. In addition, he serves as the operations manager at Abraxus Salt, LLC, a company that offers deicing services and equipment.

Transportation agencies, municipalities, and other road management organizations rely on the use of salt to deice streets and highways in freezing conditions. Property owners also benefit from meticulous snow removal and deicing to prevent accidents that could cause their insurance rates to spike or trigger a lawsuit from an injured party. Although the method carries some drawbacks, the correct use of salt provides considerable advantages for safety and efficiency.

Unlike sand, which simply creates traction for a short period of time, salt deicing actually breaks the bond that causes ice to adhere to road surfaces. This is because introducing foreign particles to frozen water lowers its freezing point.

In many areas, professional snow removers and governmental transportation employees apply a mixture of salt and liquid calcium chloride to the icy roads. This raises the temperature of the top layers of ice, speeding the melting process while reducing the amount of salt needed to deice surfaces. Similarly, property owners can hire professionals to deice driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks using this method.

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