About Adam Erdely

 Adam Erdely is a sales representative and entrepreneur.With a well-rounded skill set related to property maintenance, Adam Erdely is the founder of SGS Maintenance, located in Strongsville, Ohio. He also works as an Operations Manager at Abraxus Salt, a Cleveland-based firm. In both positions, Adam Erdely draws upon nearly 10 years of experience working in general property maintenance, including plumbing and electrical repairs, painting, and snow removal.

Erdely received his high school diploma from Strongsville High School in 1998, and he earned an additional high school-level diploma from the Cleveland Christian Academy in 2002, both with a focus on science and health. In 2003, Erdely became the Harbormaster of Olde River Yacht Club, where he was responsible for all building maintenance, as well as many of the daily operations of the marina, such as overseeing the inventory of food, liquor, and related supplies, and registering all boaters and guests.

In 2004, Erdely was hired by Abraxus Salt, a company that supplies Northeast Ohio with de-icing products, such as extra-dry, deep-mined salt. In his current managerial role, he is responsible for product inventory, dispatching, general maintenance, and more. In particular, Erdely takes great pride in his customer service at the company, and he aims to develop ongoing relationships with his customers through hard work and a proven reliability and integrity.

Adam Erdely also seeks to provide superior customer service as owner and founder of SGS Maintenance. Serving the greater Strongsville area, his company is equipped to handle every type of home maintenance service, from landscaping and snow removal to chimney cleaning and debris hauling.


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